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Dick and Tom working on their social studies textbook in 2000.

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Rise of the Roman Republic: Reflections on Becoming Roman Summary

August 1, 2017

Tags: Roman History, Roman Citizenship, Civism, Recent Research

An audaciously daring narrative, this text presents an overview of the early history of Rome, focusing the reader's attention to those distinctive and often hidden cultural features that contributed to create a unique ancient Roman mindset and civic outlook. Using a historical format, Dr. Dynneson addresses these cultural forces which ultimately shaped the Romans into the ancient world's most powerful military city-state. Comprised of numerous values and beliefs, the Romans sought to develop their citizens as a cohesive whole. This approach enabled a mastering of both the practical and utilitarian tactics for solving problems, an expression of classical intellectualism. Identifying this sense of idealism paralleled with the Romans embodiment of sacrifice to overcome all obstacles, the author explores several features of becoming Roman. Within this text, each section is designed to pull together the general historical elements which helped to create a unique Roman citizenship. The final section of each chapter contains further analysis, including the author's narrative regarding the general sources used, and the second containing a review of one exceptional recommended reading. The later chapters of the book provide a special section entitled: "Recent Scholarship", which explores the work of recent scholars' "revisionists" perspectives related to the traditional ancient sources (more…)

Rise of the Roman Republic: Reflections on Becoming Roman

July 31, 2017

Tags: Roman History, Citizenship, Civism, Identity

Amazon has just announced the publication of my new book related to the history of.the Roman Republic.

Ancient History Encyclopedia

April 14, 2017

Tags: Citizenship, civism, political commentary, Ancient Rome

In the future look for my posts on the Ancient History Encyclopedia site. In the meantime I am working on a new manuscript entitled: The Making of the Roman Empire.

Rise of the Early Roman Republic

March 8, 2016

Tags: History, Culture, Roman Studies, Citizenship, Military History

An audaciously daring narrative in which the most important feature of this work is that it presents the reader with an overview of the early history of Rome, but more than that, it focuses the readerís attention to those unique and often hidden cultural features that contributed to create a unique ancient Roman (more…)

The Rape of Lucretia

January 26, 2016

Tags: Revolution, Roman History, Virtue, Revenge and Retaliation

At this point in time I am drafting a chapter on the rape of Lucretia. This is a well known legend related to the revolution that established the Roman Repubic and destroyed the Roman monarchy. For me, an interesting aspect of this story is the idea that a crime that dishonored an aristocratic noble (more…)

Plebeians versus Patricians

January 17, 2016

Tags: Roman History, Roman Republic, class warfare

Livy, the most complete ancient source, wrote his history of Rome centuries after the city of Rome was established. His records from the ninth century to the fourth century BCE were unreliable and corrupted. Consequently, he simply invented a narrative to fill in the gaps. As a part of this narrative he produced a " (more…)

The Death of a Scholar

January 11, 2016

Tags: Scholarship, Massive Research, Great Recognition and Merit, Tragedy Death in a Nazi Concentration Camp

Recently I was searching for a source on a chapter that I was working over. In the process I came across a 1920 volume related to the most powerful aristocratic families of Rome. In particular I was interested in process that the aristocracy used to incorporate wealthy families outside of Rome into the aristocracy. Such (more…)

Ancient Rome

December 20, 2015

Tags: Rome, Urbanization, Geographic Setting, Walled Cities

Rome was not your typical ancient city, it was unique because of its geographical setting. Rome, like many cities was located on a river, the Tiber River. It was inland from the west coast by several miles an therefore was somewhat protected from sea raiders. Many cities were being developed in the seventh and (more…)

Copy Editing

December 14, 2015

Tags: Historical Writing, Editing, Finding Errors, Reading, Writing

Writing is an art that is based on certain rules and standards such as punctuation and grammatical systems. Originally, grammatical rule had to be developed over time, as the first writing systems existed without the benefit of such rules. For example writing was letters in a line, and while words existed they were not (more…)

Turning Points

December 7, 2015

Tags: History, Culture Change, Civilation, New Directions, Roman history

In my study of the long history of the formation of the Roman Republic, there is an event that respected historians claim as a turning point in Western history and in the advancement of human civilization. They cite the year 338 BCE. Rome had just fought a series of wars with various cities including cities (more…)

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This book is an exploration of the relationship between citizenship and civism through a general survey of European history.