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Thought Garden

Within Every Soul There Exists A Desire To Create Something of Perfection: What is Your Desire?
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Magna Graecia: A String of Pearls

My current research has led me into a fascinating, but cloudy history of the ancient world. In my study of ancient Rome I encountered many Greek influences so my Chapter 10 is a review of Greek influences in Italy. My history of Rome dates back to at least the seventh century BCE. I soon realized  Read More 
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I am used to disappointment and setback, even when they come out of the blue, but I was not ready for this one. For many years I have worked with Lang Publishing, a German international company with many offices in Major cities. A couple of years ago I called their New York office to  Read More 
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The Lost Civilizations of the Etruscans

Today I completed Chapter Nine that focuses on Etruscan influences on the urbanization of Rome. This is the first chapter in Part III of my manuscript. The Etruscans were a very mysterious, but advanced people who tended to reflect elements of a Maritine international culture that they carried to surrounding tribes including the Latins.  Read More 
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Dynneson's Unpublished Poems

Okay, I am a closet poet and I have been for many years. I do not publish my poems because I do not claim to be a poet, but I'm hooked. I have published a few on this web site and I may publish more as time goes by. But in the mean time,  Read More 
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King and Tribes

Late this after noon we (Barbara and I) finished editing Chapter Eight. Early, about two seeks ago I finished Chapter Seven on the Roman Kings. Chapter Eight is especially important as it described the transformation from kinship, or tribal, relationships, to citizenship relationships. All of these chapter contain a Discussion section at the end  Read More 
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Roman Republic Civism - Update

This week I completed my draft of Chapter Seven entitled: Kings of the Sacred City. This chapter tells the story of the six mythological kings of Rome from Romulus through Lucius Tarquinius - Superbus. This Kings were mainly the invention of the ancient sources in attempting to explain the reasons why the aristocrats revolted  Read More 
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Roman Civism

I just complete chapters three and chapter four of my new project entitled: Roman Republic Civism: Cultivating Citizenship 700 BCE -300 BCE. Chapter Three focuses on ancient Roman Religion and Chaper Four focuses on Roman Virtue. My current research and drafting is focused on Roman education. The entire project is structured around eighteen chapters. Roman  Read More 
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Effective Instruction Design

How Lasting is effective instructional Design?

My social studies textbook is now about twenty years old and still in print. I am wondering if the principles presented in this textbook are still relevant and helpful to the classroom teacher. Please comment!

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Progress Report

To date I have drafted and edited two chapters. Chapter One describes the life and Influences of King Numa -- philosopher and moralist who helped to tame the savage nature of the tribal Romans. Chapter Two addresses the foundations of Roman Religion, which is very unique and different from modern Christianity. It has taken  Read More 
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