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An Open Letter

Thomas L. Dynneson, Ph.D

Greeting to my classmates from the class of 1953.

I am currently married to Barbara Dynneson, my wife of thirty-three years and together we have six girls and over twenty grandchildren, as well as several great-grandchildren. Barbara and I were both widowed with our spouses killed in accidents. (Nancy, my  Read More 
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Work in Progress

Although I have not written in some time, I have been busy working on a new project that has carried me away for some time. For a number of years I have been interested in issues related to Roman Civism. This interest has taken me into deep waters related to the writings of Livy  Read More 
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A Sense of Destiny

Nations (city-states), like individuals, differ in their sense of purpose and direction. For example, some individuals are capable of achieving greatness within the span of a lifetime and some nations began to strive for greatness a generation at a time. Past and current historians have written extensively about the achievements of a few city-states from the ancient world, which have included Athens and Rome, because of their importance to the development of Western history. Both  Read More 
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What's Happening to the Middle Class

According to some recent studies, the American middle-class is in decline. Studies show that for over a decade the average American is losing ground in light of their economic well-being. The causes of this decline are many and complex, they include the lose of high paying jobs, the outsourcing of work that was once  Read More 
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Is the Norwegian Tragedy a Trend?

Terror associated with political ideology is a growing trend suggesting that individuals are willing to strike out against their own society in an attempt to influence the mindset to change a commonly held outlook. In the case of Anders Behring Breivik, the 32 year old Norwegian with a Serbian background, apparently had developed an anti-Muslim  Read More 
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Student Participation and Cooperataion

VIII. Student Participation and Contribution

According to classroom tradition, students were to be seen but not heard, as they were expected to be submissive and cooperative by taking instruction and by accepting what was said or was asked of them. Modern education, beginning in the in twentieth century, changed this tradition by calling for  Read More 
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Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Your libido is in decline, if
you're short of breath when you recline

Your thoughts of love have gone nowhere and
you look like hell in your underwear

Drink some Pomegranate to revive,
it will put some life into your sex drive

Once again you'll chase the gals, so
give it to  Read More 
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The End Of Cronus

The End of Cronus

According to legend we are told, there was an age as pure as gold

Life was peaceful with nary a care, harmony reigned everywhere

Happiness was imposed from up above, every relationship was based on neighborly love

Contentment was to be enjoyed, no laws were needed and none were employed

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The Land of Ice and Snow

The Land of Ice and Snow

In my mind’s –eye to my childhood I go, back to the land of ice and snow

A northwest wind began to blow to usher in a hint of snow

The grey clouds caused the light to fade, warning of things that would cover the glade

As  Read More 
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The Blue-eyed Bay Mare

The Blue-eyed Bay Mare

My gift from God was the blue-eyed mare; no other horse since her could compare

Texas bred by Aledo Bar, she was a mare that could go far

Bought in Colorado as an aged family horse, learned her gaits on the exercise course

Certified bred to a registered stallion, a 4 Read More 
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