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Across the Blue-Green Sea

(A Celebration of our National Parks)

There’s a land that calls to me
Far across the blue-green sea

Nature has worked to shape this land
In God’s eye it is more than grand

It’s a land where beauty is found
Crossed by rivers where lakes abound

It’ Read More 
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VI Cognitive Development Strategies and Activities

Effective social studies instruction relies on the premise that learning requires cognitive processes that are aimed at encouraging student comprehension; consequently, effective social studies instruction relies on the need for student engagement in instruction. In other words, for instruction to be successful, students must be able to actively encourage thinking about substantive issues associated  Read More 
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Phi Delta Kappa Fastback #199

If you would like a free copy of Fastback #199: "What Should We Be Teaching in the Social Studies?", please send me a self-addressed post card or email and I will send you a copy. I would appreciate receiving back the cost for mailing the booklet (about one dollar). This booklet, published by Phi Delta  Read More 
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