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The Inauguration

The inauguration of 2021 reminds me of the historical events that ended the first Athenian democracy. The Athenians were a democracy and they eventually were at war with the Spartans (conservatives). To protect Athens from the Spartans the Athenians build a huge wall system around Athens that reached all the way to the port of Piraeus. Sparta controlled the hinder land with a strong land army, while Athen turned to form the Delian League, which at first comprised of a volunteered alliance cities and islands. In general, the Athens were fearful of fighting the Spartans, the Athenian attempted to become a great naval power. Because of the war, the Athenians moved the treasury from Delos to Athens and refused to allow their former allies to withdraw from the Delian League. They, thereby, turned from a democracy to totalitarians force, once they gained power, But the foolish leaders of the democracy overreached as they attempted to defeat Sparta by sea and the main Athenian fleet was totally destroyed in attempting to take the Sicilian city of Syracuse, which was a colony of the Corinthians. The Athenians clung to the claim of being a democracy, but they punished anyone that stood up against their outrageous decision making and ordered the execution of Socrates. If interested see my book: City-State Civism in Ancient Athen. History does not repeat itself, but there are some interesting parallels.

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The Washington Tea Party


The Washington Tea Party






Thomas L. Dynneson


It was the sixth of January of 2021

A new day of infamy now can be sung


The scene of crime is now etched in the blood

Of a woman veteran whom the establishment police shot dead


I watched it all on the tely on that miserable day

The scene was Washington where a rally was under way


The news was gloomy and not about to go away

The cause of the ruckus was an election that was in play


It all came to a head on January the sixth, according to plan

A required Constitutional day as we all understand


The scene turned chaotic in the twinkle of an eye

As up the hill the protesters did fly


They scaled the walls and forced open the doors

They entered the halls and the chamber floors


The police were too weak to resist the angry flow

They fell back in alarm and let them all go

The protesters occupied offices and they sat at the desks in a row

They occupied the chamber, drove out scammers who now had to go


Was this a cleansing or was it a crime?

The answer lies in future and will take some time


Some say it's obvious that this is a swamp

Full of the greedy who trample and romp


Arrogant asses who make their own deals

When it comes to elections, it no different from other things they steal


Then came a shot that punctuated this scene as never before

They murdered a veteran who served us in war


They shot her in cold blood as she lay on the floor

Now the masked deception has come to the fore


Democracy has a limited life span

It can survive for a while as best it can


But when it's over, it does not die with a great shout

It dies with whimper when the light of liberty burns out 


The Professor







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Global Warming

Global Warming and the Skating Rink




Thomas L. Dynneson



Global Warming


If the cold weather is getting you down

Remember global warming is coming around


Al Gore will tell what you should do

He has invented something called the stay at home flu


If it's cold and cloudy and not so nice

The world is spinning on very thin ice


Global warming means winter is no more

Put on your shorts and open the front door


Have some ice tea with lemon or lime

Whining out loud or online is a political crime


Turn off your furnace and sit on the deck

Global warming is here, so what the heck


Global warming will start your day by taking a hike

Stop driving that gas hog and take your bike


If you're late and can't get up today just send a fax and continue  to relax

Kick back and live off the rich man's new wealth tax


This is the new age that was promised, an age that will meet your every need

Just plant a garden with free government seed and pay you taxes to satisfy government greed


Sigh up for a mortgage that you do not have to pay

If you go broke, no problem as this is a new day


We're all wards of the golden new state

If you need money just hold out a plate


All moral issues are settled by polls

Big brother is watching and is setting the goals


Religion is as dead as yesterday's news

Rock and roll will settle your blues


Dishonor your parents, as they really are dumb

When you're in trouble just suck your thumb


History means nothing to the youth of today

They are determined to have it their way


Climate change is the way of the new slating rink

After all, the world in America is about to sink


    The Professor





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The Blizzard

The Blizzard




Thomas L. Dynneson



The Blizzard


December came in its usual way

The weather was temperate, almost like May


The wind in the morning was calm, but a little unclear

By noon the changes began to appear


To the northwest black clouds darkened the sky

The winds picked-up and leaves flew by


Lights in the windows began to show

A light rain had changed to snow


The winds grew stronger and bent the boughs

A call was made to man the snowplows


Waves of snow blew all around

The city grew silent with hardly a sound


Windows iced over with hardly a view of the street

The snow splattered the window like concrete


Mothers and children gathered indoors

Little tots played with their toys on the floors


Men gathered their thoughts about the past

Wondering how long this weather could last


Cars flew flags, as the snow grew high

Unseen cars at intersections drove by


The streets grew narrow when the snowplows came

No two cars could pass on a lane


Winter in Minnesota might seem insane

But people love it never the same


The Professor





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Olive the Noodle Eating Dog

Olive the Noodle Eating Dog




Thomas L. Dynneson


T'was the day before Christmas and the world was at rest Olive was up around patrolling the house.


Phil was in the kitchen and was ready to cook one of our favorites dishes a pot of traditional noodles done by the book.


The ingredients were simple so not much to do, they included a few eggs, salt, flour and turkey broth in a cup or two.


Now Olive has a long reach. She loves the family and is easy to teach.


She is a bit of tall girl, maybe six foot tall, if she should stand up against you or the kitchen wall.


Olive is polite and does what she is told, comes when you whistle even when it's cold.


In the kitchen Phil was rolling out a great measure of dough soon to be dried and cooked in a kettle on the new stove.


Before long the noodles were cut and could be dried, they were placed on four large pans and were set aside.


Lindie said to Philip "let's tale a ride to the store, there is nothing to hide and Olive will guard the dish that you pride".


After an hour we retuned to the house, we noticed that Olive was still as a mouse. Oh what a good girl we all proclaimed! She's such a lady and quite a good dame never to be blamed!


Then from the kitchen I heard quite a shout, it came from Phil who was looking about. "Where are my noodles my favorite dish!" "There not in the kitchen, there not in the hall, there not on the table or out in the hall!"


The noodles are in the dining room " I seem to recall! Oh good! called Phil, I'll hide them away. Silence then fell over the house you might say.


Four pans of noodles were gone in a twinkling one long noodle was all that was left. Lindy exclaimed it must be a robber or a thief from the street. It couldn't be Olive she is too sweet.


Olive appeared so content her stomach was bulging and for a minute I could swear she gave us a wink and a smile.


In our dismay we sat in disbelief how could our Olive be such a thief.


Thirty minutes later Phil turned with a jerk and whipped up another order of noodles without the blink of an eye.


After all it was Christmas so no need to fret over lost noodles or even a pumpkin pie.

Olive had her Christmas early this year. We laughed more than we cried on that wonderful day. Next year well guard the noodles all right and Olive wont be out of our sight.





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Ten Below

When It's Ten Below


When it's ten below you car won't go,

So stay inside and there abide


When it's ten below it won't snow,

But frosty winds are sure to blow


When it's ten below the ice grows thick,

Making everything a little slick


When it's ten below it's a world of ice and snow,

It's a time of slumber from worldly cares and woe


When it's ten below everything is slow,

There's no need to run to and fro


When it's ten below frosted windows provide a silvery show,

Nature designs her etchings that give off a translucent glow


When it's ten below the sky is filled with a heavenly glow,

The lakes are frozen over and the shallow streams cease their constant flow


When it's ten below the winds are a factor don't you know,

Temperatures plunge to thirty below and it can last for ten days in a row


When it's ten below most creatures find it dire,

To survive, most humans find shelter near some form of fire


When it's ten below city life slows to a crawl,

Breaking pipes and heaving ground leads to an emergency call


When it's ten below the cold enhances every sound,

Trees snap, wheels groan, ice cracks, horns blare, whistles shrill, voices carry, and feet crunch along the snowy ground


When it's ten below greater demands come to the fore.

There's a constant searching for shelter, food, fuel and everything more


When it's ten below it's not a time to despair,

It's not an ending but a new beginning; spring is in the frozen air.




The Professor

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