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What is a father

What is a father? He is a husband and he is a manager that provides for his family. He is not your friend or is he your pal. He is also a protector and rescues you when you make a mess such as in a bad marriage, bankruptcy, or bad investments. He will come to aid if you fall ill or have a crisis. In old age he survives and does not want to be a burden to his children nor does he want them messing around in his affairs. He may be smarter than you and even wiser too, but you will not recognize it until he is gone.

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Democracy and Military Defeat

Military defeats have consequences and anyway your look at it or not matter the excuses Afghanistan was a defeat, The ancient Greeks attempted an naval invasion against Syracuse on the island of Sicily in 414 BCE. The invading army and the entire fleet was destroyed and following the disaster the Athenian democracy was in trouble and was slowly reformed and once again became an oligarchy and by 404 BCE Athens was defeated. So much for democracy and the decision making wisdom of the democrats. The Athenians had allowed demagogues to rule and they were very similar to current American leadership.

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