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My Outlook

Life is full of twists and turns, which is not a surprise to anyone with any age. Mostly, its an adventure with many little and big experiences and surprises. This lockdown, which is a form  of imprisonment to some of us, is a time of reflection and contemplation. Thankfully, I have a mainly supportive family to help me from makings bad decisions as well as stupid or hurtful comments. I have just completed my seventh international book and I am currently working on my next project. One might ask: What is the point on keeping on? The point is that life brings pleasure and meaning to life and life can be wonderful, that is, if you keep an open mind and live in the future and not the past. Life in other words, life is a learning adventure in regard to the "life of the mind". Believe or not, I hope to be around to finish this project and to start another project. In the mean time, may I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless you and yours!

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