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The Texas Power Grid

The Texas power grid has flipped its lid
Its run by phonies who are political cronies

The fossil rich land so full of fuel that has turned green
Its being run by the greedy and some are just mean

We're run by untested Yuppies who wear blue suites
City slickers who do not labor, but give their buddies a little favor

In the Texas country where the common folks reside
Those monkey's and suites better try to save their political hide

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Metamorphosis of Macalester

In 1957 I was home from four years of military service as a top security military policeman. I had the Korean Bill that allowed me to attend college. I wanted to go to Macalester College in Saint Paul, but my high school record did not meet their standards. Instead, I attended my two year church school in Des Moines, Iowa. At that time, Macalester was a college known for its high academic standards. One year later, I was recruited by Macalester to apply for entry. I jumped at the chance and entered a college known for its many Merit Scholars. I excelled at Macalester and they had an excellent faculty. Their motto was based on striving for "excellence". I loved the idea of striving for excellence. In the process I rose to the top ranks of the student body academically that allowed me to move on to graduate school earning a Ph.D. and moving on to the UT system as a professor, Since that time I have followed the decline of Macalester as an academic institution (in my opinion) Instead of striving for excellence, I detect that they have moved on to the promotion of self-indulgence, which in my opinion had led them to a place of inconsequential meaningless. I have asked myself, if the clock were turned back and I was looking for a college and if Macalester were at the place where it is now, would I attend? My answer is NO!!!(

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