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II. Lesson Clarity

Lesson Clarity

Listed as the first of the ten elements of Effective Instruction, Lesson Clarity is the keystone of good instruction. Lesson Clarity requires clear and precise lessons that can be communicated to your students. Therefore, the first competence of an effective teacher rests on the ability to plan an effective plan (Lesson Plan).  Read More 
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Effective Teaching - I. Introduction


Meeting Needs and Providing Effective Instruction

Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s, educational researchers probed into teaching behaviors and practices that helped to promote effective teaching. For example, Rosenshine and Furst attempted to identify teacher behaviors that are positively correlated with student learning by compiling over fifty research reports of effective teaching. They  Read More 
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A Patriot's Song of Freedom

Freedom is not a gift of the Gods
Its birth is against most of the odds

Injustice marks the first stage of the conception
Tyranny is the flame that feeds the deception

Fear is fed by a threat of force
Old alliances are broken beyond recourse

Revolution is born on a blood soaked bed
It demands a toll of countless dead Read More 
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It's All About Me!

Aristotle concluded that democracy was one of the worst forms of government because it allowed it citizens to become extremely self-centered, which opened the door to totalitarianism - The people became weak because they were encouraged to live and do exactly as they liked! "Its all about Me!!!
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What is Character?

Character is like genetics. It travels from one generation to the next; one never knows what he or she will inherit, as one’s parents are very different individuals. You can hope for the best, but ultimately it is up to you. Character is tested and revealed in both the public and the private  Read More 
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The School Library Should Be Your Laboratory

In recent years, the school library seems to have diminished in importance, but shelf books are an essential aspect of the social studies. As a hands-on resource, there is still something special about a book that cannot be substituted by a computer. A book is intimate; it is a private world that, for a  Read More 
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In Search of a Good Life

The struggle that faces each person in life is the struggle to create something meaningful and positive out of the chaos. In other words, to seek and find a peace of mind by looking, first of all, within - a conversation with the soul - a positive faith helps, but no one can really  Read More 
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Aristotle on Friendship and Life

Aristotle thought a lot about the things that children ought to be taught
He though about ideas and natural laws that were to be sought

He spoke about the laws that direct our existence and gained great wisdom from the human condition
He tried to build a better world for all Read More 
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Explaining Life

We both stepped into life, I will try to explain my life to you and you will try to explain your life to me. When we leave this life we will leave our lives behind, so try to live a good life.
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Climate Warming Poem

Global Warming

If the cold weather is getting you down
Remember global warming is coming around

Al Gore will tell what you should do
He has invented something called the stay at home flu

If it’s cold and cloudy and not so nice
The world is spinning on very thin ice

Global warming means winter is no more
Put on your shorts and open the front door Read More 
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