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The Rape of Lucretia

At this point in time I am drafting a chapter on the rape of Lucretia. This is a well known legend related to the revolution that established the Roman Repubic and destroyed the Roman monarchy. For me, an interesting aspect of this story is the idea that a crime that dishonored an aristocratic noble  Read More 
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Plebeians versus Patricians

Livy, the most complete ancient source, wrote his history of Rome centuries after the city of Rome was established. His records from the ninth century to the fourth century BCE were unreliable and corrupted. Consequently, he simply invented a narrative to fill in the gaps. As a part of this narrative he produced a " Read More 
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The Death of a Scholar

Recently I was searching for a source on a chapter that I was working over. In the process I came across a 1920 volume related to the most powerful aristocratic families of Rome. In particular I was interested in process that the aristocracy used to incorporate wealthy families outside of Rome into the aristocracy. Such  Read More 
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