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Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

For weeks I was fascinated, as millions were, on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. What impressed me most was the ability of the jury to reach an unamiouious verdict. This required the jury to sort through the instructions of the judge before they could find the defendant innocent. I have some personal connections with riots and court cases. From the perspective of riots, I grew up in the third precint of Minneapolis (the precint that was burned down by a mob following the killing of George Floyd), also in south Minneapolis. The third precinct is on Minnihaha Avenue where I shop at Cubs for groceries when I am in Minneapolis. This entire district was burned out by a mob following Mr. Floyd's death. I also have a connection with Kenosha, Wisconsin, which is the home of Carthage College. My advisor at Macalester College, Professor Earl Spangler (my history advisor for my master's degree) became the Academic Dean at Carthage College when I was teaching at Edina High School in the 1960s and 1970s.


Also my interest in the law has been reflected in my 2020 book entitled: Rise of the Roman Empire: The Will to Endure. Part II of this book contains six chapters on Roman law and the Roman courts system. Also as an American history teacher at Edina High School, I taught students basic history of the evolution of the American court and legal systems, as well as issues related to constitutional law and human rights. My general feelings regarding the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, regardless of outcome, was that the American court system is alive and well, and under the most difficult conditions, the jury system still can render justice. I am especially proud of this jury and their willingness to weigh the evidence and reach a conclusion.

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Mediterranean Sea Experiences

On a personal note, Barbara, my wife, and I had the great fortune of spending several summers in Greece as guests of a conference sponsored by the University of Athens. During that time we traveled from Athens throughout the Aegean Sea including many of the sites once visited by Pericles as general, and admiral, when he was in military service representing the Delian League. These sites included Athens, Kavala, the island of Thasos, Samos, Patmos, Philippi, Ephesus, Olympia (Peloponnese), Delos, Delphi, Thera, Rhodes, Marseilles, Crete, as well as throughout Italy and Sicily, etc. In addition, during my time in the US Air Force I resided in France (Laon) for two years and traveled throughout Central and Northern Europe (including Norway and Denmark, as well as Germany). I also have presented papers at Oxford University and at international philosophical conferences sponsored by the University of Athens under the leadership of Professor Kanstantine Boudouris and a sponsoring international philosophy society. Mainly my time has been spent in the regions of the eastern and central Mediterranean Sea, (not including my years spent in Europe). Travel in Italy includes the excavation at Pompii and the Amalfi coast, but especially Marsilles.

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I have two new projects for which I am seeking a publisher. One Project in on Mediterranean History and the other is The Rise of Roman Sea Power. Both are destined to become excellent books. In the meantime, I am looking for a book agent to represent me. I know these will be very successful books based on my past publication and worldwide interest.

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Survival of the Nation-State

We have learned from history that the state is not a conscious entity -- it can provide the individual with freedom and opportunity, but also perform great atrocities at home and abroad. Its leaders can be brilliant or absolute idiots. In the twinkling of an eye, an oligarchy of political leaders can plant the seeds that will totally destroy freedom, as well as threaten the very existence of the nation-state. Every generation must fight these forces if they are to insure their own freedom. When they look the other way to enjoy their privacy or their wealth, they have become gutless, and they will never be a great people.

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What is a father

What is a father? He is a husband and he is a manager that provides for his family. He is not your friend or is he your pal. He is also a protector and rescues you when you make a mess such as in a bad marriage, bankruptcy, or bad investments. He will come to aid if you fall ill or have a crisis. In old age he survives and does not want to be a burden to his children nor does he want them messing around in his affairs. He may be smarter than you and even wiser too, but you will not recognize it until he is gone.

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Democracy and Military Defeat

Military defeats have consequences and anyway your look at it or not matter the excuses Afghanistan was a defeat, The ancient Greeks attempted an naval invasion against Syracuse on the island of Sicily in 414 BCE. The invading army and the entire fleet was destroyed and following the disaster the Athenian democracy was in trouble and was slowly reformed and once again became an oligarchy and by 404 BCE Athens was defeated. So much for democracy and the decision making wisdom of the democrats. The Athenians had allowed demagogues to rule and they were very similar to current American leadership.

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History of the plague

From an historical perspective plagues have destroyed more armies than have opposing armies. This has been a common thread throughout history ever since the urban revolution of Neolithic times. Plagues feed off of people in densely crowded cities beginning around 6000 BCE. If you want to avoid a plague, in other words, stay away from crowds. Eventually a plague will run its course and die out, but the population will have been greatly decreased. In time, another plague, however, will follow as people will over and again flock into densely crowded spaces. Plague germs are ever evolving organic microbes that kill their host, but must have an endless body of hosts to move onto since they are killers by nature. In other words, they cannot control the fact that they are flawed in that they cannot stop killing a host and only survive as long as they can spread their off-spring to another host--or victim.

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A New Form of Existence

My research suggests that population replacement has been a human reality for thousands of years, In other words, a dynamic of the human experience is that over time one group will exist on a geographic area or region for a time, but eventually they will be displaced by another group of migrators. This does not mean that the original group has gone extinct, but that they have simply been integrated into another form of existence.

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Urban Culture

If you look at the world from a 10,000 year perspective, or from the rise of the urban culture, to the unseen shaping events appearing in today's world, you would detect the beginning of the end of the urban culture. Meaning, that people can now escape from the clutches of the urban elites that enslave and control the human mind as a collective. People living in an urban culture have never really experienced freedom as they have lived a robotic life from childhood. This type of enslavement has greatly increased since the industrial revolution, which also is finally coming to an end. Government, the product of the urban culture, enslaves people more than it sets them free.

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The Texas Power Grid

The Texas power grid has flipped its lid
Its run by phonies who are political cronies

The fossil rich land so full of fuel that has turned green
Its being run by the greedy and some are just mean

We're run by untested Yuppies who wear blue suites
City slickers who do not labor, but give their buddies a little favor

In the Texas country where the common folks reside
Those monkey's and suites better try to save their political hide

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