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That Distant Shore

That Distant Shore

When I reached that distant shore, nothing was as it was before

The troubles of my recent past; are gone because they could not last

In this land that is new to me, everything is goodness beyond the rolling sea

The land is fresh and oh so clean, it’s like  Read More 
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Driving my '50 Chevrolet

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet, reminds me of yesterday

Eighteen years is a golden age, happy go lucky filled many a page

Out of school but in the Air Force, I earned good money and set my course

Passing by a Lake Street lot, her grey metal finish made her look hot

A  Read More 
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Death Angel

Death Angel

As I lay resting on my bed I heard a rustling over my head

The air was still in my room and I sensed an image of impending doom

I closed my eyes and thought about my youth and the questions of life and seeking the truth

I loved my family and  Read More 
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Beyond the Invisible Wall

Beyond the Invisible Wall

The other day I heard you call
You’re just beyond the invisible wall

Life is a cycle from beginning to end
We lose our parents we lose a friend

Life is a river on the way to the sea
A timely march that we cannot foresee

You’ve been  Read More 
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Vinland Oh Vinland

Vinland Oh Vinland

Vinland Oh Vinland I’m thinking of you
You’re a land that they once traveled to

To be Norwegian is no disgrace
You’re a member of an ancient warrior race

Artic cold in a northern clime
Ice and snow are considered sublime

Midnight sun and northern lights
They’re  Read More 
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Where is Love?

Where is Love?

Love is always hiding and seems hard to find
But it’s all around if we weren’t so blind

Love takes many forms from the essence of life
Its never found in the dark side of strife

Love is like music that favors the ear
It’s calling softly and  Read More 
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The Minnesota Nordic

The Minnesota Nordic

We were Nordics a few generations ago
Came to Minnesota a land of lakes, ice, and snow

We were poor and looking for land
Brothers and daughters provided a laboring hand

We built a church that served as our base
A center of help while nurturing our grace

We played our  Read More 
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