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Ancient Rome

Rome was not your typical ancient city, it was unique because of its geographical setting. Rome, like many cities was located on a river, the Tiber River. It was inland from the west coast by several miles an therefore was somewhat protected from sea raiders. Many cities were being developed in the seventh and  Read More 
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Copy Editing

Writing is an art that is based on certain rules and standards such as punctuation and grammatical systems. Originally, grammatical rule had to be developed over time, as the first writing systems existed without the benefit of such rules. For example writing was letters in a line, and while words existed they were not  Read More 
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Turning Points

In my study of the long history of the formation of the Roman Republic, there is an event that respected historians claim as a turning point in Western history and in the advancement of human civilization. They cite the year 338 BCE. Rome had just fought a series of wars with various cities including cities  Read More 
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Historical Invention

Today, I completed drafting Chapter 28 of my manuscript dealing with the history of the Roman Republic. What has amazed me more and more about this work is the extent that historical events and persons were used in the creation of an inventive mind, mainly the mind of Livy, but also the gullibility of Plutarch in  Read More 
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