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Effective Instruction Design

How Lasting is effective instructional Design?

My social studies textbook is now about twenty years old and still in print. I am wondering if the principles presented in this textbook are still relevant and helpful to the classroom teacher. Please comment!

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VII. Building Student Success

Building Good Study Habits

A critical factor in effective teaching is related to the teachers’ ability to build student confidence. Students who lack confidence have a problem in the classroom setting because of the acquisition of poor study habits. By the time students arrive at the secondary level of instruction, they have had years  Read More 
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VI Cognitive Development Strategies and Activities

Effective social studies instruction relies on the premise that learning requires cognitive processes that are aimed at encouraging student comprehension; consequently, effective social studies instruction relies on the need for student engagement in instruction. In other words, for instruction to be successful, students must be able to actively encourage thinking about substantive issues associated  Read More 
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Phi Delta Kappa Fastback #199

If you would like a free copy of Fastback #199: "What Should We Be Teaching in the Social Studies?", please send me a self-addressed post card or email and I will send you a copy. I would appreciate receiving back the cost for mailing the booklet (about one dollar). This booklet, published by Phi Delta  Read More 
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V. Structured Instruction

Surprisingly, teacher led instruction is often a matter of informal or unstructured presentations that require little more preparation other than the introduction to the topic followed by an exploration about what the topic entails. For example, it is not uncommon for a teacher to simply say or write a topic on the board followed  Read More 
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IV. Task Orientation

Task orientation is an important aspect of Effective Teaching because it relates to how much time the teacher actually spends on a designated instructional task. A task is a lesson that involves goals and activities that are designed to enhance student comprehension of identified concepts, skills or values. As a rule, the more uninterrupted  Read More 
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III. Instructional Variety

Effective instruction relies on the idea that students will attend (pay attention) to the lesson and not become distracted; therefore, one of the most important aspects of planning must include a consideration for avoiding timing-out, or the loss of focus, of one or more students. The typical instructional time allotted for the secondary class  Read More 
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