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Metamorphosis of Macalester

In 1957 I was home from four years of military service as a top security military policeman. I had the Korean Bill that allowed me to attend college. I wanted to go to Macalester College in Saint Paul, but my high school record did not meet their standards. Instead, I attended my two year church school in Des Moines, Iowa. At that time, Macalester was a college known for its high academic standards. One year later, I was recruited by Macalester to apply for entry. I jumped at the chance and entered a college known for its many Merit Scholars. I excelled at Macalester and they had an excellent faculty. Their motto was based on striving for "excellence". I loved the idea of striving for excellence. In the process I rose to the top ranks of the student body academically that allowed me to move on to graduate school earning a Ph.D. and moving on to the UT system as a professor, Since that time I have followed the decline of Macalester as an academic institution (in my opinion) Instead of striving for excellence, I detect that they have moved on to the promotion of self-indulgence, which in my opinion had led them to a place of inconsequential meaningless. I have asked myself, if the clock were turned back and I was looking for a college and if Macalester were at the place where it is now, would I attend? My answer is NO!!!(

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