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The Winter Storm

The Winter Storm


Usually Texas is a sunny place

We seldom burn the fireplace


A great storm came and changed its face

Now we burn the fireplace


The wood we burn is from the farm

I gather it with saw and carried it with arm


I piled it up on a summer day

Knowing that my work surely would pay


Rain the sleet came in the night

Temperatures fell to a create frightful sight


The furnace toiled all threw the day

At night the fireplace would have its say


Log after log were fed to give more heat

We gathered near the fire so sweet


Soon my wood began to dwindle

Consumed by the fire like a thief with a swindle


The ashes were cleared with special care

A dropped ember could give one a terrible scare


A new fire was lit and began to take hold

The warmth it gave was better than gold


Texas has snow, which is not a good sign

It stopped my sunning, for which I pine


My walks are shorter and require a coat

If a Yankee could see me, he really would gloat


A Texan on ice is not a good thing

But wait a minute I think I smell spring!



The Cold Professor



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