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Ten Below

When It's Ten Below


When it's ten below you car won't go,

So stay inside and there abide


When it's ten below it won't snow,

But frosty winds are sure to blow


When it's ten below the ice grows thick,

Making everything a little slick


When it's ten below it's a world of ice and snow,

It's a time of slumber from worldly cares and woe


When it's ten below everything is slow,

There's no need to run to and fro


When it's ten below frosted windows provide a silvery show,

Nature designs her etchings that give off a translucent glow


When it's ten below the sky is filled with a heavenly glow,

The lakes are frozen over and the shallow streams cease their constant flow


When it's ten below the winds are a factor don't you know,

Temperatures plunge to thirty below and it can last for ten days in a row


When it's ten below most creatures find it dire,

To survive, most humans find shelter near some form of fire


When it's ten below city life slows to a crawl,

Breaking pipes and heaving ground leads to an emergency call


When it's ten below the cold enhances every sound,

Trees snap, wheels groan, ice cracks, horns blare, whistles shrill, voices carry, and feet crunch along the snowy ground


When it's ten below greater demands come to the fore.

There's a constant searching for shelter, food, fuel and everything more


When it's ten below it's not a time to despair,

It's not an ending but a new beginning; spring is in the frozen air.




The Professor

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