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The Blizzard

The Blizzard




Thomas L. Dynneson



The Blizzard


December came in its usual way

The weather was temperate, almost like May


The wind in the morning was calm, but a little unclear

By noon the changes began to appear


To the northwest black clouds darkened the sky

The winds picked-up and leaves flew by


Lights in the windows began to show

A light rain had changed to snow


The winds grew stronger and bent the boughs

A call was made to man the snowplows


Waves of snow blew all around

The city grew silent with hardly a sound


Windows iced over with hardly a view of the street

The snow splattered the window like concrete


Mothers and children gathered indoors

Little tots played with their toys on the floors


Men gathered their thoughts about the past

Wondering how long this weather could last


Cars flew flags, as the snow grew high

Unseen cars at intersections drove by


The streets grew narrow when the snowplows came

No two cars could pass on a lane


Winter in Minnesota might seem insane

But people love it never the same


The Professor





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