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Overture to Rise of Roman Sea Power: Early Mediterranean Histury

This daring and readable historical work is directed at setting the stage from which a previously unexplained rise of Roman sea power emerged. Accordingly, this author explores: early human migrations, the formation of the first cities and dynasties, the exploration of the early trade routes, the coupling of naval and land armies, the motivation that led to the desire for building larger war ships and greater war fleets, and the rise and fall of powerful individuals, including Pericles, King Philip II, and Alexander the Great. 


In addition, this book may become the authors first self-published book on Amazon's kdp platform and will be available in both ebook form and in paperback. The estimated page length of this work is appoximately 450 pages. This book provides the reader with a 20,000 year span of events that helped to give shape and form to Mediterranean history and cultures including: Mesopotamia culture, early Egyptian culture, the Hitites, the Phoencians (Cathaginians) , the Persians, and the Greeks. This book is designed for the general reading public, students, and is designed to serve as an essential reference source.

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