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I Need your help

My blog page is receiving between 150 and 200 visitors a month. Some of you are interested in my books that are in print. My most recent book entitled: Rise of the Roman Empire: The Will to Endure. This book was published under my long time relationship with Peter Lang Publishing of New York city. This past year I have severed my relationship with Peter Land and I am working on a new book related to Early Mediterranean History. This book, and all of my future books will now be published by the Thomas L. Dynneson Collection (TLDC) that is located in the archival collections of UT Permian Basin. If possible, would you be willing to write a positive book review that can be reported on the Amazon platform? The reason that I am asking for your help is that this book, in regard to sales, is languishing and needs readers help to create notoriety and a positive response. As an author, a good relationship with ones readers is an essential element that is needed to help promote future works in the same field of interest. Thus, I am asking for your help. All the profits from my intellectual properties are gifted to UT Permian Basin. Thank You, Thomas L. Dynneson.

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