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Leave The Past Behind

Leave the Past Behind

Live in the present and you will find that you can leave the past behind

The present is a gift that demands our time; use it to search for the sublime

Life is what you must embrace; savor it well at a slower pace

Give thanks to those who stand close to you, looking for greener pastures will never do

Don’t let misfortune sit on your face; run your race with style and with grace

Life has taken you down a long winding trail; don’t let its dead ends be your prevail

The scars you carry have made you strong, but to dwell on them would be wrong

Let your life be a beacon to others to show the way, live in good cheer for another day

Give a helping hand to fallen friend; give him the courage to start again

Hold your head high when trouble draws near; stick out your chest but never your fear

Smile at fate when it deals you a blow; courage in adversity will help you grow

Claim the future and make your quest, with faith in your heart give it your best

Life is a gift that is precious and rare, for each day that you have live it with care

Be optimistic and look for the good, never look back and think, “if only I could”

Shake off that sadness that comes from loss, live each day with your face to the cross

The Professor
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