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What is Character?

Character is like genetics. It travels from one generation to the next; one never knows what he or she will inherit, as one’s parents are very different individuals. You can hope for the best, but ultimately it is up to you. Character is tested and revealed in both the public and the private sectors of our lives. In the public sector it is tested in the social, political and economic aspects of our decision-making. In the social aspects of our life, character is tested and revealed by our choices of friends or in the nature of our human relationships; i.e. the choice of a friend, the choice of a mate, and the choice of those we accept and/or reject. These choices reveal something about our character, as we tend to identify with some values as worthwhile, while we reject some other values. In the political aspects of our life, character is tested in our choices or decisions regarding the nature of our ideal role models or of selecting those individuals that should be heard, should be followed, or should be empowered to make decisions regarding the direction of the state. In the economic aspects of our life, character is tested in the choices that we make, in our decisions regarding how we will earn a living and how we will spend our monetary resources regarding those things, or those desires, that we think will enhance our status or will make us happy and fulfilled. Once we begin to realize and measure the nature of our character, we often are disappointed. We come to realize the shallowness of our being. This is a sign of our character growth.
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