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Climate Warming Poem

Global Warming

If the cold weather is getting you down
Remember global warming is coming around

Al Gore will tell what you should do
He has invented something called the stay at home flu

If it’s cold and cloudy and not so nice
The world is spinning on very thin ice

Global warming means winter is no more
Put on your shorts and open the front door

Have some ice tea with lemon or lime
Stop your whining, as this is a political crime

Turn off your furnace and sit on the deck
Global warming is here, so what the heck

Global warming will start your day by taking a hike
Stop driving that gas hog and take your bike

If you’re late and can’t get up today just send a fax and continue your play
Kick back and relax and live off the rich man’s new wealth tax

This is the new age that promises to you everything you need
Just plant a garden with free government seed

Sigh up for a mortgage that you do not have to pay
If you go broke, no problem as this is a new day

We’re all wards of the golden new state
If you need money just hold out a plate

All moral issues are settled by polls
Big brother is watching and is setting your goals

Religion is as dead as yesterday’s news
Rock and roll will drive out all of your blues

Dishonor your parents, as they really were so dumb
When you’re in trouble try sucking your thumb

History means nothing to the youth of today
They are determined to have it all in their own way

Climate change is the way that you will think
After all, the world is no longer your skating rink

The Professor

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