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A Patriot's Song of Freedom

Freedom is not a gift of the Gods
Its birth is against most of the odds

Injustice marks the first stage of the conception
Tyranny is the flame that feeds the deception

Fear is fed by a threat of force
Old alliances are broken beyond recourse

Revolution is born on a blood soaked bed
It demands a toll of countless dead

Misery attends the birth of this fierce child
Witness the eyes of men who have gone wild

Revolution declares the dawn of a new age
Justice, honor, and truth are written on this page

Symbols are used to declare what will be true
Its primary colors are red, white and blue

Valor and bravery are painted red
It symbolizes the battle wounded and the fallen dead

Purity and innocence are painted white
It symbolizes the right for which men fight

Vigilance, perseverance, and justice are blue
It symbolizes the steadfastness needed from you

The freedom you have is a gift from the past
Guard it with care and pray that it will last

Politicians use rhetoric to win their fame
They also use it to shift or to fix the blame

Greed and corruption can is the cause war
Divide and conquer from shore to shore

Washington knew that freedom could easily be lost
If noble patriots were not willing to pay the cost

Lincoln faced the demons of his his soul
Union forever became his goal

Teddy Roosevelt faced down many an industrial giant
Despoiling the land made him fierce and defiant

Leaders have come and they quickly depart
Preserving freedom is a real political art.

The Professor

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