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Where is Love?

Where is Love?

Love is always hiding and seems hard to find
But it’s all around if we weren’t so blind

Love takes many forms from the essence of life
Its never found in the dark side of strife

Love is like music that favors the ear
It’s calling softly and asking you to hear

Love is in nature’s ever changing side
It’s like an ocean with a slow rolling tide

Love is like a river that flows from a secret source
It’s in our hearts to alter its course

Love has no limits; it knows no bounds
It’s like a whisper; never loud sounds

Love is in a smile from a stranger’s face
It’s light hearted and full of good grace

Love is in the excitement of a wagging tail
It’s long lasting and its joy is never frail

Love is in a kindness from out of the blue
It’s given and taken and sometimes overdue

Love is in the sunshine of a quiet Sunday day
It’s in a walk that we take as we pray

Love is a ride down an old country lane
It’s in the scenery that causes no pain

Love is in the eyes of mother and child
It’s in knowing a feeling never beguiled

Love is in the endless father’s labor to provide
It’s in knowing that for you he always will abide

Love is God’s gift that makes life a friend
It’s given freely from the beginning to the end

Love is your gift that will never go away
Its in those faces that greet you each and every day

The Professor

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