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Death Angel

Death Angel

As I lay resting on my bed I heard a rustling over my head

The air was still in my room and I sensed an image of impending doom

I closed my eyes and thought about my youth and the questions of life and seeking the truth

I loved my family and my friends; thought about a new beginning, but never an end

My face was fair, my body so strong, how could anything ever go wrong

I did the things that pleased me so, never thinking that one day I would go

The passing years sped by quickly but then one day I began to feel sickly

The doctor came to see what was the matter; he said the problem might be my bladder

The years continued to roll on by, but I soon realized that one day I would die

The family gathered to say goodbye and some of the women began to cry

Once alone I began to think of the end, and I suddenly realized that I had a new friend

She was white as snow and gave off a soft glow and said with great kindness “it’s time to go”

The Professor
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