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Driving my '50 Chevrolet

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet, reminds me of yesterday

Eighteen years is a golden age, happy go lucky filled many a page

Out of school but in the Air Force, I earned good money and set my course

Passing by a Lake Street lot, her grey metal finish made her look hot

A four-door gem with plenty of chrome, I knew that she was ready to roam

To the dealer I made my plea, he said: “come back tomorrow and we will see”

Seven hundred dollars was all he could do, I said: “dear dealer, I’ll work for you”

For thirty day I cleaned his cars: waxed the hoods and removed the mars

* * * *

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet, reminds me of yesterday

Then at last she was mine, my Dad said: “son you did fine!”

I gassed her up and headed for Missouri, cruised along without a hurry

My friends admired her low rear-end, white fender skirts did not offend

On the weekends I purred into town, showing everyone that I was still around

Made me a friend of the opposite gender, she liked her lines and liked skirted fender

The drive-inn movie she liked go, just to see a picture show

* * * *

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet, reminds me of yesterday

One day I got an order, I reported to the commander’s headquarter

They told me my time in Missouri was through; off to France we’re sending you

I drove her home and left her with Dad, to me this day is still very sad

“Don’t worry son I’ll give her good care, I’ll put on a few miles but not much ware’

While I was gone Dad died, for many a week I cried and cried

* * * *

Driving my ’50 Chevrolet, reminds me of yesterday

Time in Europe passed quickly by, then one day to my home I would fly

My heart beat fast as my hour finally had come; I opened the door and fell back dumb

My Chevy was gone without a trace, It was a car that I could not replace

Dad drove her to work and lost her for good, he went into a hole up to her hood

Many a car has come my way, but not one could replace that old Chevrolet

Now in old age I still give her a spin, traveling down highways were once I had been

So if you still love me and think of the past, think of my Chevy and the memories that she cast

The Professor
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