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The End Of Cronus

The End of Cronus

According to legend we are told, there was an age as pure as gold

Life was peaceful with nary a care, harmony reigned everywhere

Happiness was imposed from up above, every relationship was based on neighborly love

Contentment was to be enjoyed, no laws were needed and none were employed

God resolved every concern, as a result men never learned to discern

Everyone remained as children throughout the ages; they never required leaders or sages

* * * *

Millennia came and passed away; never a change was coming man’s way

God decided that Cronus was through, so man could grow into something brand new

Darkness and chaos descended over earth, murder and warfare were given their birth

Reason never came into fashion, as man’s rule was according to his passion

Ignorance gave rise to superstition; murder and greed became man’s contrition

Man’s survival came to the fore, so God decided that he must reopen the door

* * * *

Man’s behavior was animalistic; he lived in a world that was crude and sadistic

God called on man to write a moral code that could serve as his guide down a civilized road

Based on the codes so divinely inspired, man found the light he had always desired

Knowledge grew from his inquiring mind, to push back the shadows that made him so blind

New insights he gained of his physical domain, philosophy and science became part of his game

Humanism became a new religion, as man broke out of his ignorant prison

* * * *

Hubris began to take it toll, as many began to diminish his soul

The limits of his mind knew no bounds, as man explored all physical grounds

Virtue fell out of fashion for a man with a will; anything became possible to a human with skill

The question of goodness was not in man’s fate, but in the long run it may be innate

Greed and corruption spoiled many a plan, produced artificial living in a technical land

Virtue taught by the poets who praised the just, now asked the question: whom can you trust?

The Professor
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