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Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Your libido is in decline, if
you're short of breath when you recline

Your thoughts of love have gone nowhere and
you look like hell in your underwear

Drink some Pomegranate to revive,
it will put some life into your sex drive

Once again you'll chase the gals, so
give it to John and your other pals

Pomegranate is an energy drink it makes you
smile and want to wink

Drink it down to help carry your load, or
take it along when you hit the road

Your wife will say that you’re such a delight,
she’ll be your friend and make everything right

* * * *

When your libido is in decline, its
pomegranate for which you will pine

Wake up the fire in your passion,
even if your performance is not so smashin'

When you were young you had no trouble,
you could make love on the double

Now you're old and you seem to have faded
your outlook seems sour and somewhat jaded

Drink pomegranate and you will find
that life for you now has turned real kind

When your old parts seem all worn out,
pomegranate will make you yell and shout

Now no job is too large for your desire,
there’s wood in the stove and you’ve set it on fire

* * * *

When your libido is in decline, give up your whisky
and pour out your wine

At those times when you seem all shriveled up, put
some pomegranate in a glass or a cup

Take it often and you'll come to know
that you have the power of get up and go

If you take it in it’s concentrated form,
you can win every race as your new norm

Why waste your time with a pill that won't work,
stop fooling around and stop being a jerk

When you’re sad because the weather is a fright,
a spot of the pomegranate will give you delight

The winter is long and not much to be done,
a little pomegranate is a vacation in the sun

The Professor
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