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Work in Progress

Although I have not written in some time, I have been busy working on a new project that has carried me away for some time. For a number of years I have been interested in issues related to Roman Civism. This interest has taken me into deep waters related to the writings of Livy and Plutarch, as well as the early Roman historian. Recently I acquired a new book by Anthony Everitt and this new history has help me sort out many issues related to the founding of Rome and its development. In particular, my previous reading and years of contemplation has caused me to abandon some other efforts and turn full time to writing a new work on Roman Civism. At this point in time, I have drafted over ten chapters and plan to draft several more before turning to issues related to editing and seeking a publisher. What has intrigued me about this work is the importance of the Roman view of virtue (virtus) as applied to martial courage in service to the state. The drafting of chapters has moved along very rapidly, perhaps as a result of spending so much time in preparation. Roman Civism is very different from Greek Civism, which makes this new work of particular importance to me. I am hoping that this new work will provide some new insights in the nature of civism, as well as some interesting insights into Early Roman History. Please follow along.
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