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Roman Civism

I just complete chapters three and chapter four of my new project entitled: Roman Republic Civism: Cultivating Citizenship 700 BCE -300 BCE. Chapter Three focuses on ancient Roman Religion and Chaper Four focuses on Roman Virtue. My current research and drafting is focused on Roman education. The entire project is structured around eighteen chapters. Roman religion was influenced greatly by king Numa Pompilus, a very interesting person of great moral character. As king he established much of the structure of Rome's religious institutions. The chapter on Roman virtue during the Regal and Republican eras is based almost exclusively on military values. The central virtue of Early and Middle Republic was "manliness" as related to deeds of individual heroism on the. Battlefield. The main problem in working on the eras of Regal, Early and Middle Republic is the lack of primary sources, nevertheless the subject matter is fascinating. A major problem problem is separating myth from historical reality.
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