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Dynneson's Unpublished Poems

Okay, I am a closet poet and I have been for many years. I do not publish my poems because I do not claim to be a poet, but I'm hooked. I have published a few on this web site and I may publish more as time goes by. But in the mean time, I would like to share the titles of my poems with you in this listing, or table of contents. These are eclectic poems as they cover a range of topics and issues in that some contain humor and some are deadly serious. Please cut me some slack and indulge me for my love of country and those who have served her so well, for my love of living, and for my Nordic heritage.


Vinland Oh Vinland

The Minnesota Nordic

A Patriot’s Song of Freedom

Where is Love?

Turtle Dove

The Land of Ice and Snow

Grey Skies and Dismal Days

Out of the City and On to the Farm

The Grain Wagon Team

The Blue-eyed Bay Mare

What is the Good Life?

The Joys of Old Age

I Pine for Wine

Aristotle on Friendship and Life

Leave the Past Behind

The End of Cronus

Pomegranate Juice

Nature’s Way

The End of Drought

Across the Blue-Green Sea

Global Warming

The First Day of Winter

The Blizzard

The Winter Storm

When It’s Ten Below

Ice Skating at Longfellow Park

Why Christmas?

A Family Christmas

A Puddinhead Christmas

Driving My ’50 Chevrolet

The Works of Willy

The Great Intruder

Beyond the Invisible Wall

Where Is My Strength When All Hope Is Gone?

Death Angel

The Altar of My Country

That Distant Shore

The Cemetery Glade

Gettysburg Remembered

A Patriot’s Song of Freedom

Be My Valentine

The Naughty Little Nipper with the Wonderful Little Dipper
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