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The Washington Tea Party


The Washington Tea Party






Thomas L. Dynneson


It was the sixth of January of 2021

A new day of infamy now can be sung


The scene of crime is now etched in the blood

Of a woman veteran whom the establishment police shot dead


I watched it all on the tely on that miserable day

The scene was Washington where a rally was under way


The news was gloomy and not about to go away

The cause of the ruckus was an election that was in play


It all came to a head on January the sixth, according to plan

A required Constitutional day as we all understand


The scene turned chaotic in the twinkle of an eye

As up the hill the protesters did fly


They scaled the walls and forced open the doors

They entered the halls and the chamber floors


The police were too weak to resist the angry flow

They fell back in alarm and let them all go

The protesters occupied offices and they sat at the desks in a row

They occupied the chamber, drove out scammers who now had to go


Was this a cleansing or was it a crime?

The answer lies in future and will take some time


Some say it's obvious that this is a swamp

Full of the greedy who trample and romp


Arrogant asses who make their own deals

When it comes to elections, it no different from other things they steal


Then came a shot that punctuated this scene as never before

They murdered a veteran who served us in war


They shot her in cold blood as she lay on the floor

Now the masked deception has come to the fore


Democracy has a limited life span

It can survive for a while as best it can


But when it's over, it does not die with a great shout

It dies with whimper when the light of liberty burns out 


The Professor







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